Source code for berhoel.odf

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Give access to ods files.

# Standard library imports.
from typing import List, Union
from pathlib import Path
from zipfile import ZipFile

# Third party library imports.
from lxml import etree

__date__ = "2022/08/11 20:44:03 hoel"
__author__ = "Berthold Höllmann"
__copyright__ = "Copyright © 2020 by Berthold Höllmann"
__credits__ = ["Berthold Höllmann"]
__maintainer__ = "Berthold Höllmann"
__email__ = ""

    # Local library imports.
    from ._version import __version__
except ImportError:
    __version__ = "0.0.0+unknown0"

[docs]class OdfXml: """Base XML handling class for ODF processing."""
[docs] def __init__(self, elem: etree._Element): """ Args: element (etree._Element): XML Element """ self.root = elem self.nsmap = ( self.root.nsmap if hasattr(elem, "nsmap") else self.root.getroot().nsmap )
[docs] def find(self, tag: str) -> etree._Element: """Find ``tag`` in this element. Args: tag (str): XML tag to serarch for. Returns: etree._Element: Element acc. to ``tag``.""" return self.root.find(tag, namespaces=self.nsmap)
[docs] def findall(self, tag: str) -> List[etree._Element]: """Find all of ``tag``. Args: tag (str): XML tag to find. Returns: List[etree._Element]: Element acc. to ``tag``.""" return self.root.findall(tag, namespaces=self.nsmap)
[docs] def _attrib_map(self, attrib: str) -> str: """Helper for ``get``: provide namespace. Args: attrib (str): attribute name in the form of <namespace name>:<attr name>. Returns: str: attribute name with extended namespace.""" ns, tag = attrib.split(":") return f"{{{self.nsmap[ns]}}}{tag}"
[docs] def get(self, attrib: str) -> str: """Get atribute of this element, honors namespace. Args: attrib(str): Attrribute name. Returns: str: Attribute value.""" return self.root.get(self._attrib_map(attrib))
[docs]class Odf(OdfXml): """Base class for OpenDocument Format files."""
[docs] def __init__(self, path: Union[str, Path]): """Open ODF file from ``path``. Args: path ([str,Path]): Location of OpenOffice file. """ with ZipFile(path) as odf_zip: with"content.xml") as content: doc = etree.parse(content) super().__init__(doc)
# Local Variables: # mode: python # compile-command: "poetry run tox" # time-stamp-pattern: "30/__date__ = \"%:y/%02m/%02d %02H:%02M:%02S %u\"" # End: