Source code for berhoel.odf.ods

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Processing ods (OpenDocument spreadsheets).

# Standard library imports.
import re
import typing
import datetime
import functools

# Local library imports.
from . import Odf, OdfXml

__date__ = "2022/08/11 20:45:04 hoel"
__author__ = "Berthold Höllmann"
__copyright__ = "Copyright © 2020 by Berthold Höllmann"
__credits__ = ["Berthold Höllmann"]
__maintainer__ = "Berthold Höllmann"
__email__ = ""

# Identify hyperlink in formula.
IMDB_HYPERLINK = re.compile(

# Identify relations to other cells in formulas.
LINKED_CELL = re.compile(

[docs]class P(OdfXml): """Representing a paragraph in a cell.""" @property def text(self) -> typing.Optional[str]: """Get text from paragraph. Returns: str: Whole paragraph text if available.""" res = " ".join([i for i in self.root.itertext()]) return res if res.strip() else None
[docs]class Cell(OdfXml): """Representing a cell in a table row.""" @property def text(self) -> typing.Optional[str]: """Return text associated with cell. Returns: str: Cell text if avaliable.""" if self.root is None: return None res = self.find("text:p") return None if res is None else P(res).text @property def date(self) -> typing.Optional[]: """Return date value of cell if available. Returns: Date value of cell if available.""" val = self.get("office:date-value") return ( None if val is None else datetime.datetime.strptime(val, "%Y-%m-%d").date() ) @property def value(self) -> typing.Optional[str]: """Return value of cell. Returns: str: Value of cell if available.""" return self.get("office:value") @property def float(self) -> typing.Optional[float]: """Return float value of cell. Returns: float: ``float`` falue of cell if available.""" return None if self.value is None else float(self.value) @property def int(self) -> typing.Optional[int]: """Return integer value of cell. Returns: int: ``int`` value if cell if available.""" return None if self.value is None else int(self.value) @property def url(self) -> typing.Optional[str]: """Return URL associated with cell from hyperlink function. Returns: str: url from ``HYPERLINK`` formula or cell hyperlink.""" s_val: str = self.get("table:formula") val = None if s_val is None else IMDB_HYPERLINK.match(s_val) return None if val is None else"url") @property def link(self) -> typing.Optional[typing.Dict[str, str]]: """Provide Link information. This link information is information of values referenced from diffrent tables in formula. Returns: dict: Result of ``re.match.groupdict``. Provided keys are ``sheet``, ``row``, and ``line.``""" dvd_link: str = self.get("table:formula") if dvd_link is not None: match = LINKED_CELL.match(dvd_link) if match is not None: return match.groupdict() return None
[docs]class Row(OdfXml): """Representing table row."""
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kw): super().__init__(*args, **kw) self.content_cell: str = self._attrib_map("table:table-cell") self.covered_cell: str = self._attrib_map("table:covered-table-cell") self.columns_repeated: str = self._attrib_map("table:number-columns-repeated")
@functools.cached_property def cells(self) -> typing.List[typing.Optional[Cell]]: """Provide list of cells in row. Empty cells are replaced by ``None``, as are cells covered by merged cells. Returns: List[Cell]: The cells making up the current row.""" res: typing.List[typing.Optional[Cell]] = [] for cell in self.root: if cell.tag == self.content_cell: elem = Cell(cell) res.extend( [elem] * ( int(elem.get("table:number-columns-repeated")) if self.columns_repeated in cell.attrib else 1 ) ) elif cell.tag == self.covered_cell: elem = Cell(cell) res.extend( [None] * ( int(elem.get("table:number-columns-repeated")) if self.columns_repeated in cell.attrib else 1 ) ) else: raise NotImplementedError(f"Unknown tag {cell.tag}") return res
[docs]class Table(OdfXml): """Representation of spreadsheet table.""" @functools.cached_property def name(self) -> str: """Return name attriute of table. Returns: str: table name.""" return self.get("table:name") @functools.cached_property def rows(self) -> typing.List[Row]: """Return rows in table. Returns: List[Row]: list of ``Row`` intances.""" return [Row(e) for e in self.findall("table:table-row")] @functools.cached_property def style_name(self) -> str: """Return table style-name. I Know of ``ta1`` for ordinary tables, and ``ta2`` for hidden tables. Returns: str: style name of table.""" return self.get("table:style-name") @property def hidden(self) -> bool: """Return whether table is hidden. Returns: bool: ``True`` if table is hidden.""" return self.style_name == "ta2"
[docs]class Ods(Odf): """Processing ODS files."""
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kw): """Open ODF spreadsheet file.""" super().__init__(*args, **kw) self.root = self.find("office:body/office:spreadsheet")
@functools.cached_property def tables(self) -> typing.List[Table]: """Return all tables in spreadsheet. Returns: List[Table]: Tables in OpenOffice spreadsheet.""" return [Table(e) for e in self.findall("table:table")]
# Local Variables: # mode: python # compile-command: "poetry run tox" # time-stamp-pattern: "30/__date__ = \"%:y/%02m/%02d %02H:%02M:%02S %u\"" # End: