utok command

utok - CLI interface

utok [-h] [--delimiter DELIMITER] [--delete-list DELETE_LIST] [--version] tokens [tokens ...]

utok positional arguments

utok options

  • -h, --help - show this help message and exit

  • --delimiter DELIMITER, -s DELIMITER - Allows one to change the delimiter. If you use csh you might want to set your path with something like: set path = (utok -s /usr/local/bin $path) (default: :)

  • --delete-list DELETE_LIST, -d DELETE_LIST - Allows one to remove tokens from a list, to remove /usr/sbin and . from a path in Bourne Shell one might use: PATH=`utok $PATH -d .:/usr/sbin` (default: None)

  • --version, -V - show program’s version number and exit